L'itinérante - Maison d'hôtes
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Philosophy and garden

Philosophy The house is renovated with completely healthy and durable materials such as lime, wood, cork and natural paints & oils. The house plans are drawn with common sense and a little Fen Shui; focusing on free circulation of air, light, harmony of elements, association of materials, colours and orientation of space.

The house is divided in two, one part entirely dedicated to guests and the other half for our small family. Guests have their own entrance, a large living room (40m²) with a sitting area, a small kitchen and dining room which opens onto a tree-lined courtyard (30m²) and garden. A private staircase leads to the upstairs bedrooms overlooking the garden or village square.

Our friends the cyclists are welcome.
The garage allows you to store bicycles, tandems and small carts in complete safety.